5 Rat Pests Control Myths You Must Never Believe

Rats are common pests that people fear the most. Rats and rodents are the most unliked creatures of all pests. Although, there are many rumours about them which isn’t true. Learning the wrong facts about rats is the basic step towards rat control. Professional pest controllers recommend choosing an expert pest control service is a more reliable option. So, let’s discuss some common rat pest control myths that are not true.

5 Common Rat Control Beliefs You Should Never Believe

Rats Don’t Spread Diseases

This myth is 100% wrong. Rats and rodents do carry harmful diseases like hantavirus. However, few people keep white rats as pets. Although the latest sanitization and health measures in Cammeray have indeed done wonders in controlling rats outbreaks. So, keep in mind that rats do carry diseases that might risk your life.

Rats Are Safe To Touch

“It’s safe to touch a rat” is another rat pest control myth that is not true. Although domestic rats are safe to touch, wild rats are not. And the rats which make hidden infestations at your place are mostly wild. So, it’s wrong to touch a rat while performing pest control.

Rats Prefer Open And Clean Places

No, this myth is totally wrong. Most rats prefer run-down and dirtier places to live in. Actually, there is no famous place to find rats, they can be found anywhere near food. Don’t assume that if you keep your house nice and clean, rats can’t come. They might enter from outside, probably the neighbour’s home.

Rats Can’t Reach Higher Places

Rats can walk, crawl anywhere they want to. As they are light-weight and notorious, they may reach your kitchen cabinets. Mostly, rats march during the night or when it is dark. So, it’s important to keep your kitchen cabinets and almirahs closed. If your home has been kept close for a long time, there is a possibility that many rats will infest. 

Rats Can’t Chew Cable Wires

Rats have sharp incisors that help them to chew anything that comes their way. Most of the rats are found swinging on Cammeray’s home. The most common things that rats chew are books, papers, curtains, bedsheets and electric wires, etc. This means yes, they can slide over your electric wires and might chew them. Therefore, it’s suggested to hire a emergency pest control service provider.

Hire The Best Pest Control Cammeray Service

Rats can be a source of many myths. The more you hear, the more confusing pest control becomes. So, why to worry when Pest Control Cammeray is ready to help. We offer standard rat pest control Cammeray services. All of our rodent controllers are licensed and insured. Moreover, we have been top-listed in Cammeray. We use the best strategies for pest control. Do not trust the rumours you hear, rather hire an expert.